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TX Chapter News
By TX Chapter on 5/28/2009 10:23 PM
Winning Team: Back: (L-R) Manthinda D, Milinda A, Lasitha L

Front (L-R): Ranil B, Sanka T, Kosala S, Asanka S

Cricket is not what Rajans in Texas do best but yet they proved that they are among the best even in cricket. Members of DAANA, Texas chapter participated in a six-a-side cricket tournament organized by the Sri Lankan community in Houston area on Memorial Day, 25th Monday. Without any preparation they managed to reach the semi finals of the tournament that had six competent teams. The climax was reached in the last ball of the last over in the final qualifying match that determined who would be in the semi finals. Chasing 68 runs in the five-over match, Samaraweera brothers had brought Rajans close to the victory requiring only four off four balls. Kosala fell at this stage when he tried to clear the boundary for a six. Sanka went in to the middle to join Asanka to score four runs off last three balls. Even though, the plan was to give the strike to the in-form batsman, two balls were bowled without the bat meeting the ball. Tournament regulations did not allow byes! Sanka faced the last ball and he was yet to play a legal shot. Against the disciplined bowling attack, only a boundary could win the match and nobody in the ground was expecting one. Against all the odds, Rajans won the match qualifying for the semis with the four runs scored in the last ball!...
By TX Chapter on 5/3/2009 10:19 PM
It was such a wonderful evening with all the school 'stuff', the way it used to be decades ago. Even though, we missed some of out Rajans in Texas, we came to know at least one new Rajan. Best of all was that we felt as if we were back in class with our good old friends on top of Lake View, even though, the ones around us were Rajans spaning decades or generations. We are Rajans and that all matters... As it was warned, there were no pauses in flooding of stories from good old days. Had those been recorded, it would have filled a large portion of the Dharmaraja archives. Families also had a chance to get to know other Rajans and their families in Houston area, and of course their own Rajan.

It was just before saying good bye, all the serious discussions took stage. It...
By TX Chapter on 4/27/2009 10:11 PM

L-R:Lasitha L, Manthinda D, Milinda A, Prasad S, Asanka S, Sanka T, Kosala S, Ranil B.
By TX Chapter on 4/23/2009 3:27 PM
Something everybody wanted for sometime is finally happening this Sunday. Even though, we Rajans have met in small groups at various locations in 'big' Texas, there hasn't been a gathering sepcifically as Rajans. Sanka took the intiative in organizing this event that will be the second ever old Rajan gathering in USA, after the first meeting oragnized by Rajans in DC/MD/VA. A potluck might be a good way to start leaving adventureous and goal oriented gatherings to the future. In the near future we will have some work to do on the DANNA book drive and I don't think our schedules will hold us from going for a go kart ride. Particulars for the event are given below: Date: Sunday 26th Time: 5.30 pm Venue: Sanka's (Houston, TX 77030) Please let us know if you need any information on how to get there. Families of all the Rajans are also invited! Let's make it a family event (Please RSVP to Sanka for head count). There will be a Sinhala Awurudu festival in Houston in that morning if anybody is interested....

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