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May 3

Written by: TX CHapter
5/3/2009 10:19 PM  RssIcon

It was such a wonderful evening with all the school 'stuff', the way it used to be decades ago. Even though, we missed some of out Rajans in Texas, we came to know at least one new Rajan. Best of all was that we felt as if we were back in class with our good old friends on top of Lake View, even though, the ones around us were Rajans spaning decades or generations. We are Rajans and that all matters...
As it was warned, there were no pauses in flooding of stories from good old days. Had those been recorded, it would have filled a large portion of the Dharmaraja archives.

Families also had a chance to get to know other Rajans and their families in Houston area, and of course their own Rajan.
It was just before saying good bye, all the serious discussions took stage. It is not a news; all the Rajans in TX are ready for action.

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