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Jun 10

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6/10/2009 10:30 PM  RssIcon

In the monthly damma talk held at Houston Buddhist Vihara on Saturday 6th June, meditation master from Mitirigala Nissarana Vana, Sri Lanka, Ven. Uda Iriyagama Dhammajiva presented a simplified overview of mindfulness or awareness in the context of 'kayanupassana' or 'contemplation on the body'. His clarifications were fitting for both the advanced meditators and children. In 'kayanupassana' meditation, one closes all the six 'doors' one has except mind and body. This eases gaining of awareness over the body by taming her mind. Mindfulness can be practiced even in our everyday lives; undistracted dinning is an example.

The event was well organized by Rajans in Texas with the help of community of Houston Buddhist Vihara. Apart from learning damma, many made use of this as an opportunity to meet fellow Sri Lankans and Rajans. Meeting a senior Rajan that moved to Houston recently is among the rewards DAANA had from this event. Development of awareness on the activities of DAANA among the Houston community would be useful in executing future activities in Texas.

DAANA Texas chapter is thankful to its members and all the others who supported this invaluable cause.

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