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Dear DAANA Brothers,

I am just writing to thank you for the wonderful end-of-the-year message and thank you even more for the amazing work you all  have done throughout the year.

The message you sent a few weeks ago encouraging us to get involved was spot-on. I realize that some of your are doing a lion’s share of the work whereas many of us just tag along. That to me is to a true mark of leadership and dedication and I would like to sincerely extend by gratitude to those of you who shouldered this difficult burden purely for the reward of helping our Alma Mater.

I would also like to suggest that amongst the many charities vying for our attention, our school stands to be one of the most deserving, for our school is not the 64 acres or the two hills we claimed to be ours out but the lives of many deserving young men - simply the future of our country learning together in a school of equal opportunity.

Finally, even though I am now back in Colombo, I still appreciate the work of DAANA where the focus is refreshingly and pragmatically on students and teachers (and not only on buildings and great big blowout events).

I wish you the best in 2014

Chaminda Rajapakse from Colombo (Jan 06th, 2014)

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