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Dear Young Rajans ...
With all the hurdles and bumps on the road while trying to put together and build an organization like DAANA during the last few years, we all had one clear goal in our minds -- helping you --Rajan kids-- to become better citizens of the world. This was the same goal that founding fathers of Dharmaraja had when they started Dharmaraja during the darkest times of Sri Lankan history under the colonial rule. They wanted the future generations to become the movers and shakers that create a new society. Helping you -- the budding young Rajans -- is therefore at the top of our agenda and is the major reason behind this "Kids Corner" on our website.

Wallpaper: We invite all you young Rajans ...
Under the Kids Corner, DAANA wants to create a platform where young Rajans can showcase their talent. Back in 2009 we came up with the idea of having a Wallpaper devoted to your writings. We are so pleased to see the great many talents that many of you showed us. We have an open invitation to all of you Rajan students of all ages to send us your essays, poems, stories, paintings, and other writings so that we can share your creativity with the rest of the world. Every year we select few of the best entries we receive and reward them with educational gifts.

In 2009, we asked young Rajans to create a logo for us. We received great many entries and based on the top entries that our members selected, we created the DAANA logo. Those of you who sent us the top 10 entries received gifts including an iPod for the best entry.

Career guidance:
DAANA very much likes to help young Rajans to plan their careers. At such a young age to decide what you want to do in future is no small task. Among our membership we have great many scholars who walked the same footsteps that you are tracing today. Though unaware of what future holds, they managed to steer their lives and reach great heights. DAANA very much wish to pass on those experiences to you --our younger generation. We started the DAANA Webinar Program to introduce those great minds and for you to interact with them. To show you what a journey they traveled starting from a small classroom in Sri Lanka, just like you at Dharmaraja. We will gather as many information as we can that would help you to explore what future may have in stock for you.

Come join us, march with Rajans!

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