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Author: Created: 2/19/2011 10:49 AM
By OldRajans NA on 5/29/2009 9:32 PM
It was times of eighties where,
The cruelty of a living life came bare,
For a certain race he pretended on care,
Reprisals made on a theme unfair,

He rose not for the people's sake,
He went not for a charge one made,
Thus " war " was his only word,
And sworn he could win whole world,

T'was a country rich he tried to smother,
For the lives made mortal he hardly bother,
But the return uprised with the hardest power,
By the walk of humans to a peaceful bower,

A violent being made not to breathe further,
Nor a country to suffer, once again neither!
For thousands died in the war, we cried,
Turned "thousands laugh"when a single died.

Yumal Chathurange Kuruppu
Grade 11 - E ,
Dharmaraja College, Kandy

By OldRajans NA on 5/28/2009 9:35 PM
The cascading waterfalls, the roaring rivers, the calm lakes, the enchanting forests, the lofty mountains, the green valleys and the wild savannas all belong to the environment. Everything around us is part of the environment.We take every single thing we want in our life from the environment. From the air we breathe to the clothes we wear, everything is from the environment. Without the environment, human beings cannot survive for human beings themselves are a part of the environment.Unfortunately, some people deliberately cause harm to the environment to sate their greedy desires. These traitors cut down majestic trees and sell them as timber. It is as if these criminals didn’t know that all our lives depend on these givers of oxygen. Others pump chemical waste into lakes and other waterways destroying many aquatic creatures and polluting precious water. This polluted water can spread diseases among humans too. The smoke from factories and automobiles pollutes the air and this too can lead to some diseases. It also increases the threat of global warming which in turn leads to the disturbance of Mother Nature’s equilibrium.Steps must be taken to prevent the destruction of the environment or humans themselves will be destroyed. Rules must be laid down and enforced in order to prevent the destruction of forests. Proper methods for the disposal of chemical waste must be established to protect the waterways without which life, both human and animal, is impossible. New technology like the fuel cell technology should be used to power the automobiles instead of the internal combustion engine. The usage of environmental-friendly sources of energy like solar and wind power should be encouraged in order to keep the atmosphere clean and healthy.Unless these measures are taken the environment would be completely destroyed and all life obliterated in Earth. Let us protect the environment as best as we can both individually and together as a society for our very existence depends on the environment.Thilina Rajapakshe (DOB 12/23/1993)Grade...
By OldRajans NA on 5/28/2009 9:34 PM
Abnormal electronic activity in brain that triggers uncoordinated and senseless messages to the body causing involuntary contractions of muscles is epilepsy. When epileptic symptoms occur on canine breeds it is canine epilepsy. Canine epilepsy is broadly divided as idiopathic epilepsy (primary epilepsy) and symptomatic epilepsy (secondary epilepsy).In idiopathic epilepsy, no external symptoms or brain damages other than the epileptic symptoms can be seen. Idiopathic epilepsy is mostly hereditary. First seizures of idiopathic epilepsy usually occur within the first five years of the dog’s life. In Symptomatic epilepsy, external symptoms and brain damages other than epileptic symptoms can be seen and a specific cause for the seizures can be found. Idiopathic epilepsy is common among Beagles, Belgian Nervures, Keeshonds, Dachshunds, British Alsatians, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and Collies but symptomatic epilepsy is common for all breeds.Epileptic seizures can be divided broadly into two categories as Grand mal (Tonic-Clonic) and Petite mal (partial or focal) seizures. Grand mal seizures affect the whole body of the canine. It is the most serious type of seizure. The symptoms of a Grand mal seizure can be divided into five phases or specific steps.The first phase is the pre-ictus. A very slight change of the behavioral pattern of the dog takes place and can be seen only if observed carefully. This phase starts about 30 minutes before the actual seizure. The next phase is the Aura. It gives a warning of the oncoming seizure. Baseless fear, salivating, vocalizing, shaking of ears, unorganized breathing and unfocused eyes are the basic symptoms of the aura.The actual seizure starts with the Tonic phase. The dog falls down to the ground and vocalizations increase. The body gets rigid and the head is turned upwards. Next the seizure moves to the clonic phase. In this phase, the muscles of the dog start to move rhythmically. Head and limbs jerk to a rhythm during this phase. Vocalizing lessens and salivating increases....
By OldRajans NA on 5/26/2009 9:36 PM
Man is part of the nature and for a long time he has lived with it. But now by choosing a different pathway of life, he alone has destroyed the nature which gave the birth to all of us. Unlike our ancestors we have forgotten our beginning. People destroy forests, and other natural habitats of other species only for selfish motives. But we have never thought that lives of other species have fallen into great danger because of our activities.

Global warming and environmental pollution are the main problems which are caused by human activities. Global Warming has resulted in the increase of sea level and consequently, many islands and coastal areas have already gone under water. Environmental pollution also caused numerous problems to humans and other living beings as well. Because of these reasons, one day our beautiful earth will be a desert where no living being can exist.

So, what is the use of being the most intelligent living being on the earth, if we do not understand the gravity of our own activities. There will be no human race without other beings. We need all of them, and they too have a right to live on the earth. So, first of all, we should understand that the human race will face extinction from this world before any other living being.

Anuradha Bandara Marapana
Grade 12C
Dharmaraja College Kandy

Date: 5/26/2009
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