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It is with great pleasure we have reserved this space for articles from DRCK students (our Rajan kids). Both Sinhala and English articles are accepted.

By DAANA News on 5/27/2011 8:09 PM
DC Chapter Rajans are gearing up for another Rugby 7's tournament this year. You may remember that last year few Rajans flew from all over the north America to participate in this event. To continue this tradition, DC Rajans are trying their best to field a team this year. The tournament will be on the memorial Day weekend (May 29th, 2011) in DC. This will be a great occasion to get-together with other Rajans for a fun filled event. There will be party until the wee hours! 
It will be great if you can participate in the tournament.

What: 10th Annual Sri Lanka Schools Tag Rugby Sevens Tournament
When: Memorial day weekend, 29th May
Where: Glenfield Rugby Grounds in Silver Spring, Maryland
Organized by: East Coast Thomians Association

Teams | Schedule

Make plans, convince your fellow Rajans, and have a great time meeting other DAANA members. Few DC members are willing to provide accommodation to out of town Rajans.

Let us know if you plan to attend:
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