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It is with great pleasure we have reserved this space for articles from DRCK students (our Rajan kids). Both Sinhala and English articles are accepted.

By DAANA News on 6/13/2011 7:46 PM

Dear Rajan,

Join us for a night full of fun, music, and dance. DAANA, with the help of DC area Rajans, is organizing it's first ever get-together on August 13th, 2011 in Maryland, DC area. Venue is yet to be decided but can assure you that it will be lot of fun. Bring your family and friends. Mark the date and make your travel plans. Call as many Rajan friends in North America as possible and convince them to come. It's a long time coming and time to meet and rekindle our relationships, share the memories of LakeView, sing our favorite songs including "Rajans Kollo, Maya Kello...".

We have tentatively decided that the ticket for the event to cover the cost of the venue, food, music and drinks will be about $50. Kids under 10 years are admitted free. 
Please RSVP asap so that we can make a head count, reserve discount hotel rooms, and make other plans:

Hope to see you there!

DAANA and DC Chapter Rajans.

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