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Interview with Brig. Nirmal Dharmaratne
Brigadier Nirmal Dharmaratne attended Dharmaraja College from 1973 to 1984 where he excelled in rugby, soccer and cadetting. He was the captain of the school rugby team in 1984 and won college colors for rugby, soccer and cadetting. He was the Special Forces Commander until March 2009. Then he was appointed as the Defense adviser to the Sri Lankan High Commission in London until October 2010. Since then he is the Director Operations in SL Army. Currently, he is residing in US with his family on an international fellowship at the National Defense University in Washington DC.
We invited Brig. Nirmal to join with a Question and Answer session with DAANA members.

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Interview with Prof. Guruge
Professor Ananda Guruge is the 28th memeber of DAANA who joined DAANA in the 2nd week since its inception. Professor Guruge is Dean of Academic Affairs, Director of the International Academy of Buddhism, and Editor of Hsi Lai Journal of Humanistic Buddhism of the University of the West (formerly Hsi Lai University), Los Angeles County, California. Professor Guruge was also former ambassador to USA (in Wahsington DC), France and UNESCO. Professor Guruge was a senior civil servant as well, who help positions as secretary to 2 prime ministers and secretary to ministries. Thushara Diyabalanage interviews this distinguished Alumni for DAANA.

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Interview with Shanti Mendis
When we were in pursuit of more Old Rajans in North America, Mr Gamini Gunawardane of Colombo OBA told us about a “Six foot fast bowler who terrorized opponents in 60’s  now domiciled in Canda. It was Anil Ellepola who found him for us after they crossed paths at a Monastery in Ottawa. Yet it was very difficult to get an interview from Mr S. U. Mendis due to his busy schedule. Finally we were able to interview him as he was staying at an Inter Continental in Montreal engaged in an official assignment.

Shanti Mendis is a unique type of an all-rounder, someone who has excelled in almost all sports whilst maintaining high academic standards. As a sportsman and a professional he has been able to stand firm for what he believed as correct, defying all odds.

Shanti Mendis is the 110th member of DAANA. Shanti lives in Ottawa with his family. Thushara Diyabalanage and Sajith Ellepola interview Shanti Mendis for this feature article.

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