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D.H. Lawrence on Dharmaraja Hill

(with grateful acknowledgements to The Ceylankan (Australia) November 2007)
By Tissa Devendra

Lake View Hill in Kandy, seventy years ago, was a delightful mix of scattered trees waist-deep in pungent ‘maana’ grass with a steep red gravel road and stony footpaths which led up to the sprawling garden and rambling old bungalow of the Principal of Dharmaraja College. It became our family’s home at this time when Dharmaraja’s charismatic Principal Kularatne invited my father D.T. Devendra to join his teaching staff.

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Reminiscences of Dharmaraja heard from my elders
By P.B. Ellepola

I was requested by my nephew Anil Ellepola to write this article as I am privy to information of the early periods, although not a Rajan myself. I am an octogenarian living in retirement at Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka. Thus I have heard from my elders, some of which are their past reminiscences.

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The Golden Era of Dharmaraja College
By Sanjeewa Gamagedara

When I was asked to write an article for DAANA magazine many thoughts crossed my mind. The very first were those unforgettable thirteen years that I spent at Dharmaraja from 1987 to 2000. As I look back now those precious years have laid the foundation to all our achievements unto reaching these positions. I can never forget those teachers, principals, fellow students, buildings and the things we did at that time. Whenever I visit Sri Lanka I always visit Dharmaraja primary section which was at the Natha Devala premises. I feel very relaxed, calm and at peace within myself at such times. Now the only building remaining there is the K.F. Billimoria Memorial Hall.

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Dharmaraja History and the Role of Old Rajans
By Kamalanath Samarakoon

We read, write, talk, admire and sometime boast about our Alma Mater’s proud history. Young Rajans are inspired by reading our history. It is an undisputable fact that history paves the way to future endeavors. What allows us to talk about our history is what we often forget or do not care. It is the documented evidence and artifacts that reveal the history. It may be startling news for you that we are losing our history. It is sad to say that the college did not have a formal method of collecting information which made our history. At least from 2002, we have a place to keep and preserve the collected records. That is Sir D.B. Jayathilake Memorial Dharmaraja College Archives.

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Dharmaraja's first (pioneer) Girl Student: Maya Senanayake

By Tissa Devendra

A few weeks ago the Dharmaraja Old Boys of Colombo, at their Annual General Meeting, honored Maya as their distinguished First Old Girl. At the gathering, she paid a moving tribute to her parents, great pioneers of Buddhist education, P de S. and Hilda Kularatne.
Way back in 1932, Dharmaraja College in Kandy had struck a bad patch, with declining academic standards and consequent fall in student numbers. The school that Olcott had founded in 1887 for Buddhist students was in danger. The Buddhist Theosophical Society (BTS) which managed it, decided on drastic action. Principal Kularatne, the live-wire who had transformed Ananda into the jewel in the crown of Buddhist education in Ceylon, was assigned to Dharmaraja in Kandy to revive its failing fortunes. Inspired by the challenge, and dedicated as he was to Buddhist education, Kularatne moved with his family to Kandy in 1932. His wife Mrs. Hilda Kularatne (nee Westbrook) a dedicated young Buddhist Englishwoman, had been the Founder Principal of Ananda Balika in Colombo and soon went on to become Founder Principal of Mahamaya and Pushpadana in Kandy (and later Maliyadeva Balika in Kurunegala) a truly incredible achievement that can never be equaled! Their children were Ananda (Andy), Parakrama (Malli) and Maya (Nangi). 


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