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Donation to Past Teachers Association

DAANA awarded Rs 50,000/= to Dharmaraja Past Teachers Association (DPTA) as partial funding to launch their booklet project.

DAANA Vice President Malinda Thilakarathna handed over the donation to DPTA officials: Mr. Gamakumara (President), Mrs. Padmini Munasinghe (Secretary), Mr. Ananda Ratnaweera, Mr. Kamal Siriwardena, and Mr. Bandara Weerasekera, on 16-2013 while vacationing in Sri Lanka. (2013)

Rajans Rugby Fund Raiser

Donated total of Rs 325,000/= to Rajans Rugby - ORRFA (2013)

note: we sent Rs. 100,000 after this picture was taken

Travel assistance to the 3 DRCK students to attend Global Scholar's Cup in Dubai: Rs 50,000/= 

3 Dharmaraja Students, Bharatha Rankothge (DAANA Scholar in 2011,2012 and 2013), Rahal Medawatte, and Janith Weerakkody participated at the Dubai Regional round of World Scholars Cup from 31st May to 1st June and were able to bring glory to school and motherland by winning the Third place at the overall completion after competing with 200 other teams from 12 different nationalities. Furthermore, Bharatha Rankothge was awarded the Best Scholar award from among 600 students. Altogether, they won 14 medals and 4 trophies, astounding the audience and the organizing committee and gaining special recognition as the best performance in the Scholar’s Cup history from a rookie team.

As an appreciation to this great achievement and to support global round participation, DAANA provided LKR 50,000/= as travel assistance to the winning team (2013).

DAANA Old Scouts Contribute to RISGO - Sri Lanka

Rajans scouts are organizing the Rajans International Scouts Gathering Of (RISGO) centennial 2013 to mark the centennial of the 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scouts group. DAANA old scouts, Sanka Tennakoon, Kosala Samaraweera, Geeth Uyanwatte, Sajith Ellepola, Madura Rajapakse, Malinda Thilakarathna and Rajitha Siriwardana generously responded to the recent request from DRCK scouts. Together they raised Rs 120,000/= for the RISGO sponsorship (2013)


Travel assistance to Dulaj Gunawardena to attend Physics Olympaid

Bright young Rajan Dulaj Gunawardena, attended the 12th Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) and brought home glory by getting a Honorable Mention Award. Many of you enthusiastically responded to his request that we sent out and we managed to donate SLRS 34,037.00 towards his expenses.

The 12th APhO was held in Tel Aviv, Israel hosted by the Israel Ministry of Education and Tel Aviv University in May 2011. This is the first time a Rajan student has been participating in this event and Dulaj along with seven others, were selected through an Island wide competition held by The Institute of Physics where he scored 98 marks out of 100. Dulaj is a bright kid waiting to enter the School of Engineering with 3A passes in A/L in which he was ranked 7th in the Kandy District (47th in the Island).  (2011)

Helping Ananda Perera, a great musician, leader of "SihaShakthi"

We got an enthusiastic response from many of you for our request to help this great Rajan, Ananda Perera. Ananda has been gravely ill with a kidney failure and getting treatments. He is in need of a kidney transplant. We transferred SLRS 78,434.61 (USD 745.35) to Ananda Perera Fund recently.

Ananda Perera is a son of great artist W. Cyril Perera, former Dharmaraja primary school music teacher, and was Ananda’s Teacher as well as for many artists like Victor Rathnayaka, W.D Ariyasena. Ananda has a tremendous talent as a vocalist and an instrumentalist. DAANA greatly appreciates all the donors who generously responded.(2011)


Donation to Eastern Band at DRCK
We asked members to donate funds to help the crumbling Eastern Band at DRCK and to help resurrect it to the condition in the good old days when we were ranked number one. Well, thanks to some of you we managed to send SLRS 26,500.00 to the effort by few well wishers including the '91 group and Dharmaraja Band recently got many new equipment. (2011)

Travel Assistance to Lakmal B Meegahapola to attend Astrophysics Olympaid

DAANA Contributed LKR 10,912 to Dharmaraja Student, Lakmal B Meegahapola to support his participation at 5th International Astrophysics Olympaid in Poland. He was placed first in the 5 member team representing SriLanka and only student selected from outside Colombo. (2011) 

 LCD Projector Donation

Kamal Dorabawila (DAANA Treasurer, 2009) handed over the LCD projector to the principal Mr. SM Keerthiratne in January, 2010. Mr SUB Ekanayake (The Head, Science Section), and Mrs. Tamara Marapane are in the background, while Yasas
Chandrasekera (Hon. Sec Mother OBU) looks on.

Upon a request from the school, DAANA bought an LCD projector (NEC, NP110) worth US$ 465 for the use of A/L students. The projector will be available for the lectures and seminars orchestrated by DAANA Educational and Outreach program at DRCK. Whenever you visit Sri Lanka, please make room in your schedule to give a short seminar to the A/L students on your work or anything inspirational. It will be full of fun and a great satisfaction to you to share a moment with these young and bright kids. (2009)

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