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"Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, 
for these only gave life, those the art of living well"

Dharmaraja Scholarship Program is the largest project that DAANA has launched. The goal of this program is to identify bright young Rajans who are in need of financial support to continue their education. We started our program by supporting one student, Chinthake Bowatte, in year 2009. He exceeded our expectations by getting selected to the Engineering School in Sri Lanka. 

Since the inception of the DAANA Scholarship Program, we have offered 106 scholarships on academic-merits and 16 scholarships for outstanding achievements in extracurricular activities. We have so far disbursed nearly LKR 1.14 Million in total for DAANA Scholarships.

How to donate?
When you donate to Dharmaraja Scholarships fund, managed by DAANA, we can assure you that your contribution is helping a young student to secure his future.

can be made via checks or can be made on line. To make it on line go to the "Help DAANA" tab above and select "Store".

To make a donation via a check, write it payable to "DAANA", and send it to the address of our treasurer:
7909 James Avenue
Ellicott City
MD 21043

Also mark that this is for "Dharmaraja Scholarships".

DAANA has the tax exempt status in the US as defined by section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code, so your donations are US tax deductible.

How much does it cost?
A single scholarship based on the academic merit costs US$100 per year
Extracurricular activity based scholarships cost US$50 per year, per scholarship. 

How does it work?
- Every year, around August/September, we send out a simple application form to Dharmaraja College through the Principal.
- Students fill the application forms and get the approval from their class teacher and hand them over with any other support documents, to the school.
- The school mail the collected application forms by the deadline, to DAANA.
- DAANA appoints a committee to review the applications and select the recipients based on the students academic merit and the financial need.
- We offer the scholarships to selected students the following year starting January.

How do I know that my $ are put to good use?
We wanted to keep the application process simple so that the burden to the student is minimal. We rely on the staff members who recommend the students and their academic report cards to make the decision to award a scholarship. Scholarships are offered for a year and there is no renewal process. The student can reapply the following year along with other students. We do not require any other progress reports.

2013 Scholarships

2013 DAANA Scholarships were awarded at a simple ceremony on July 16th 2013.
17 DRCK students received annual scholarships of LKR 10,000/= each on academic merits, and 6 students received LKR 5000/= each for exceptional achievements in extracurricular activities, while 8 students received complimentary awards of LKR 1250/= each.

In addition to above scholarships this year, Yumal C. Kuruppu received the first ever Undergraduate Scholarship from DAANA ($225). He is a DAANA scholar in 2011 and 2012, obtained highest marks in Central Province and the island rank of 10 at GCE A/L in 2012.

Complete list of 2013 scholarships recipients - Click here
Newsletter update about 2013 scholarships program - Click here

2013 Scholarships Award Ceremony video; 

2012 Scholarships

This year 30 Academic scholarships were awarded (LKR 10,000 each) to our students based on academic excellence & financial background, and 5 students received their scholarships based on extra-curricular activities (LKR 5,000 each).

Here is the list of recipients.

2011 Scholarships

DAANA Scholarship recipients were handed over their scholarships in a ceremony held at Dharmaraja on April 4th 2011. 31 students received academic scholarships that were awarded based on the academic excellence and financial background. Each scholarship pays SLRS 1000 per month to each student for 10 months (total cost US$100 per scholarship). Additionally this year DAANA started offering 5 scholarships each worth of SLRS 5000, a one time pay, (US$ 50 per scholarship) based on students'extracurricular activities.

Few well known Rajan alumni, Chapa Weearathna, Dr. Jatyantha Pethiyagoda and Yasas Chandrasekera graced the event and handed over the scholarships to students.

Here is the list of recipients.

2010 Scholarships

DAANA scholarship program is the single largest educational project DAANA undertook in its inaugural year. The goal is to help bright but needy students of Dharmaraja College, Kandy. We were able to award 27 scholarships for the academic year 2010 thanks to the generosity of many Sri Lankans in North America. The sponsors include 6 non-Rajan Sri Lankans who appreciated our charitable work. We thank all the sponsors, DRCK teachers Mrs. Tamara Marapana, Mr. Upula Ratnakela, Mr. SUB Ekanayake, and member Dr. Chulani Jayantha Pethiyagoda for their help in coordinating the program. Dr. Suren Lewke Bandara, a DAANA member from Texas was instrumental in reaching out to fellow Sri Lankans in Houston area and screening the applications. 2009 BOD member Sanka Tennakoon initiated and lead this effort for DAANA.

DAANA Scholarships 2009 - A Success Story

(Awarding ceremony was held on Friday the 12th, March 2010)
Seated L-R: Mr. Upula Rathnakela (teacher), Mr. SUB Ekanayake (Head, Science Section), Dr. Jayantha Pethiyagoda (DAANA member), Mr. SM Keerthiratne (Principal), Yasas Chandrasekera (HonSec. mother OBU), Mrs. Tamara Marapane (teacher)

Inaugural Scholarship recipient in 2009

DAANA launched its scholarship project in 2009, the inaugural year of DAANA. Chinthake Thilina Bowatte was the sole recipient of our only scholarship and we supported him for almost two years until he sat for his Advanced Level exams. Chinthake passed the A/L exam with flying colors and recently got slected to Engineering School at University of Peradeniya on a merit basis. We are proud of you Chinthake!

Read the letter Chinthake sent us in our 2010 issue of the annual magazine "Digital Pencil".
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